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Agilivant provides a solution that enables you to stand out from the competition. Our unique payment and settling module helps client expansion, retention and loyalty.

Agilivant will transform the way you increase business by providing a customizable commerce platform with robust capabilities, making the consumer experience your own.


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We Believe In Building Brands and Driving Loyalty Agilivant values that your business desires flexibility, so we allow you to develop a custom merchant program directly tailored to your own consumer base. 

Why Choose Agilivant

Agilivant helps businesses make money handling as easy as possible for any consumer type.

We’ve done this by designing a virtual database with custom business rules that can be applied to any merchant program.
  • Allow your customers to easily control available cash flow.
  • Support remote and mobile account management with a just click of a button.
  • Provide ease of mind with no credit score requirements or hidden fees.
Customized For You
The Best Features
Closed-Loop Allows your consumers to use a card at limited businesses, as seen with bus passes, student IDs or loyalty cards. CHECK IT OUT
Open-Loop Allows your consumers to use a card with a broad number of businesses, as seen with bank provided debit cards. CHECK IT OUT
Hybrid-Loop Allows your consumers to use a card with specified closed-loop and open-loop locations, as seen with health ID cards. CHECK IT OUT
Some Basic FAQs Can Be Found Here We specialize on the back-end so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business no matter what industry you are in.

Our platform doesn't require a credit score and has no hidden fees, so your consumers can sign up for your business’s customized program when they visit you next.

Agilivant's platform operates under the license and service agreements of the bank and all information is virtually protected within its own database.

Yes. The Agilivant platform is hosted in a U.S. secured cloud facility, and our system protects against card skimming and the use of stolen card information. In addition, consumers receive instant alerts on attempted and actual card use.

Yes. Subordinate accounts, also referred to business or secondary accounts, can be created and managed underneath the primary bank account created.

Absolutely! There is online and mobile access provided to consumers to view transaction history, manage subordinate accounts, set up security limits, set up and perform account to account (A2A) transfers, and more.

Any merchant or business can start with us globally – even banks!

Yes. All Agilivant customers need a bank relationship to enable the currency functionalities that our platform supports.

Yes. Our system has strong policies and procedures in place, and is designed to enable compliance with AMLA (Anti-money Laundering Association), KYC/CIP (Know Your Customer/Customer Information Program), ATF (Anti-terrorist Financing), and PCI (Payment Card Industry).

Online & Mobile Access For Accounts Allow your consumers to manage and control how they want their accounts and subordinate accounts to operate, and transfer money with their own mobile device or via the web. Find Out More
Make The Platform
Your Own

Agilivant's single platform provides banking services for all by acting as a merchant and proxy bank for debit and credit transactions, and supports a variety of functionality for unique customization and front end API flexibility for your retention-focused, consumer-facing solution.

Our secure, complete payment system and debit card account banking structure can be provided to any issuer domestically and internationally.