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Why Go Solar?

Lower electricity bills

Own your energy

Protect the environment

Increase your property value

Solar power in 3 simple steps

We handle every step of the installation process, to give you hassle-free solar power.

Step 1:

Free Consultation

Step 2:

Design & Permitting

Step 3:

Installing Your System

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Why KGT?

Guaranteed Quality

Get a solar power system that lasts a lifetime with our 25-30 year warranties.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Save big with our best-in-class equipment that provide maximum efficiency

Flexible Payment Options

Enjoy flexible payment and financing options when you install solar with us.

Smart Monitoring Tools

Monitor your system status anywhere, anytime with our digital tracking tools.

Fast Installation Process

Have your solar system up-and-running fast with our quick installation service.

Full-Service Solution

Let us handle everything from design to installation and enjoy hassle-free solar.

Monitor your system anywhere, anytime.

Our inverters allow you to monitor your system's performance and energy savings with an app that you can download on your cellphone.

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