Commercial Solar


Sustainable energy for sustainable businesses

Lowering energy consumption will have a great impact on the bottomline of your business. At KGT, we see things from a business owner’s perspective, and adjust our commercial solar solutions accordingly. We provide a customized, full-solar service with zero technical hassle. 

Custom solutions. Better results

No two businesses are the same. And that’s why we don’t provide cookie-cutter solar solutions. Our team will analyze your business facilities and propose a solar solution that’ll help you operate with maximum efficiency and lower your energy costs by up to 75%.

Our commercial solutions include: 

  • Solar carports
  • Ground-mount solar
  • Commercial & Industrial solar rooftops
  • Custom solar solutions

People love green brands

Being an environmentally-conscious business is great for your brand image. People love companies that care for the environment, especially the ones that take action. And there is nothing better for showing that than solar panels. It’s a bold statement that expresses your green values. 

Solar pays for itself

Your solar system doesn’t just pay for itself by lowering your energy bills. You can also get tax credit as high as 30% of the total cost of your system. Not to mention that you can capture depreciation, and take advantage of other area-specific incentives like grants, loans and rebates. 

What our clients say

Let’s make your business solar-powered!